“Soup”erBowl Sunday Escape!

Are you dreading the rapidly approaching weekend? That particular Sunday when cheering and jeering and general mayhem run amok in your home more than any other day of the year? Did you ever just want to run away, even if for only a little while?

Escape the madness! Join us at The Quail & Thistle Tea Room this Sunday for a quiet “cuppa” with like-minded friends. No TVs. No touchdowns, penalty flags, or instant replays.

To mark the special nature of this February 3rd (and our weakness for puns), we will be offering a special “SouperBowl Sunday” menu – a 3 course luncheon featuring hand crafted soups at every turn.

Starters will be a cup of creamy tomato soup served with a mini grilled cheese sandwich. The main course will feature your choice of beef barley or vegetarian barley soups with a selection of tea sandwiches. For “afters” we will have a chilled fresh fruit dessert soup with a selection of small and varied sweets. This all comes with a warm scone, fresh fruit, and a pot of tea for $24 per person.

Sharp readers that you are, you may have noted already that while our restaurant hours are 11am to 3pm this Sunday, game time is set for 3:30pm PST. We do apologize for not scheduling the bowl game earlier in the day to better coincide with a sensible tea time. Nevertheless, if you slip in for tea at about 2:30 or 3:00 you can at least escape the pregame commentary and a fair portion of the first half.

Reservations are recommended. Book your table right here on our web site or call us at 831-477-1798 to reserve your SouperBowl Sunday Escape!

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