Our food and tea offerings vary seasonally. The following menu is representative of our recent selections:

California Country Tea

A full tea in three courses

First Course
Soup of the Day

Second Course
Four tea (finger) sandwiches and fresh baked scones and savories
Choose from Omnivore’s Delight or Vegetarian Dream sandwich sets:

  • Omnivore’s Delight
    Roast Beef with Horseradish Mayo
    Chicken Salad
    Olive Cream Cheese
    Cucumber with Mint Butter


  • Vegetarian Dream
    Pesto Cream Cheese
    Egg Salad
    Olive Cream Cheese
    Cucumber with Mint Butter

Third Course
Dessert plate of cakes and baked sweets

And a Pot of Tea



Simple Tea

Your choice of any two tea sandwiches listed above with a scone and savories,
a selection of baked sweets and a pot of tea



A Pot of Tea  $4

Hot Spiced Cider (seasonal)
Apple Juice
Assorted Soft Drinks

Tea Selections

Black Teas

Earl Grey*, Earl Grey decaf, English Breakfast*, Irish Breakfast, Scottish Breakfast, Mountain Copper Oolong*, PG Tips, Peet’s Pride o’ the Port, Sun Moon & Stars

Spiced or Flavored Black Teas

Chocolate Rose, Cinnamon Plum, Ginger Peach, Orange Spice*, Raspberry Earl Grey*, Tiger Eye

Green Teas

Gunpowder Green*, Decaf Green, Moroccan Mint, Houjicha


Naturally Caffeine Free

Cranberry Orange*, Lemon Spearmint*, Orange Carrot Rooibos, Peppermint*, South African Rooibos, Hibiscus, Camomile


Chocolate Chai*, Masala Chai, Rooibos Vanilla Chai, Thai Chai

* USDA Certified organic

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